American Journal of Art and Design

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022

  • Programmers’ Perspectives on the Use of Previsualization in the Design Process of Three.js Web Animation

    Jagan Mohan Balakrishnan, Soumya Manjunath Chavan

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 1-10
    Received: 29 December 2021
    Accepted: 18 January 2022
    Published: 25 January 2022
    Abstract: Previsualization is a visual representation based on computer graphics and 3D animation. It has been a well-known tool in movie-making, used to present, explore, plan, and communicate creative ideas before final filming. The communication aspect of this video-based visualization is a less-explored area, especially in the design and development of p... Show More
  • Avant-Garde Fashion Projects from Sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana

    Genevieve Adjei-Appoh, Richard Acquaye, Joseph Ampadu

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 11-21
    Received: 14 December 2021
    Accepted: 4 January 2022
    Published: 9 February 2022
    Abstract: This study seeks to highlight the concept of avant-garde as a viable and radical approach to instilling creativity in fashion design practices in Sekondi–Takoradi, Ghana through putting together different materials to represent shapes and forms in the ultimate sculpting of silhouettes. This experimental exercise is a sequel to an earlier study that... Show More
  • Urban Micro-renewal - An Exploration of the Spatial Activation of Public Art in Traditional Courtyards

    Qiao Qian, Pei Wen, Li Rui

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 22-28
    Received: 2 February 2022
    Accepted: 18 February 2022
    Published: 25 February 2022
    Abstract: In the process of urban development, the background of the times is different, the needs of citizens are also changing, therefore, the concept of urban planning is constantly updated and improved. In order to make the traditional urban infrastructure and cultural content meet the needs of new citizens, urban renewal is imperative. Urban Renewal is ... Show More
  • Socio-Philosophical Critique of the Global Public Art’s Visual Order: The Context of National Self-identity

    Maryna Protas

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 29-38
    Received: 23 February 2022
    Accepted: 25 March 2022
    Published: 31 March 2022
    Abstract: Today a necessity has arisen in a critical socio-philosophical analysis and the development of such a theoretical framework for contemporary globalization that will consider this latter as a visual and ideological impact of cognitive biocapitalism on the collective consciousness of nations, which manifests itself as repressive pressure in the form ... Show More